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Hometown Matters

There are times that people love the look back at the past. Perhaps they were simpler times, where you had a neighborhood mom and pop stores where you got everything you needed. The people were friendly, knew you by name, and you felt like you were a part of their family. Today, that type of familiarity is rare to find, but when people do, they tend to be fiercely loyal.

We at Black Forest Auto strive to preserve that hometown feeling, whether you’re a new customer coming in, or have been coming to us for 20 years. Everything we do is to serve the people who have put their trust in us. If you read the reviews of our customer, there’s a theme that sticks out – We’re in the people business. We know that if we care for our customers and employees like they are family, people will continue to come back.

When you come to Black Forest Auto we offer fair prices, honest work, great customer service. We’re family owned and we hope to have you join our hometown family.

Kate O'Hanlon
Kate O'Hanlon
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Wonderful, friendly, and helpful do not do these guys justice. I will always be grateful for Eric digging out and towing my poor forester back on to the road after this blizzard. Any thank you Tony, for your phone charger, I couldn't have made it home without it! Highly recommend!

Hometown Matters.

Eric at Black Forest Auto

Convenience That Won't Cost Extra

Shuttle Service

Want to stop by a local shop for coffee or food while you wait? Need to be taken home? We'll make sure you get there, instead of being forced to wait at the shop!

Overnight Drop-Off

Only have time after work to drop off your car? No worries! We have allow overnight vehicle drop offs. We'll take care of your vehicle and call you when it's done.

Service Guarantee

We really love helping our customers and we're proud of our record of doing quality work. But, if we make a mistake, we'll make sure it's made right. Guaranteed.

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